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Characteristics (G-L)

Glorious Charge

Troops with this characteristic count as Fanatic, when charging using a lance.


Giant is a Classification specifically for Monstrous Creatures It wouldn’t be right unless we had erratic Giants in the rules!  As such, when activating any Giant and a 1-PIP or 10-PIP card is drawn, draw another card and consult the following table

1-3 The Giant will neither move nor fight this turn but simply stands rooted to the spot looking dopey. This ends the Giants activation but not the commands.
4- 6 Move the Giant directly towards the nearest table edge. If equidistant randomise the direction. If he moves into another unit he will attack it regardless of which side it is on.
78 The Giant picks up a rock, tree, abandoned cart, outhouse or whatever comes to hand and throws it at the closest unit – friend or foe – that he can see within 2 boxes.. Strikes with 3 shooting attacks worked out in the usual way
9-10 The Giant moves towards the nearest enemy unit that he can see. If he is adjacent to the foe he will attack as normal. If friends are in the way he will walk through them. Walking though friendly troops inflicts 1 hit as if in melee. If the box he moves into is fully occupied then he displaces one of those units. The Giant and the passed through unit are swapped. Unit orientations are kept as they are.
Death Throes

When a Giants is killed he falls! Follow the rules for movement Deviation. Every unit in the destination box takes a hit.  Saves may be made but with a +2 Penalty

Grail Knights

Troops with this characteristic and a type of cavalry, add +1 to their combat PIP draw. In addition they are also Fearless.


Troops with this characteristic take an extra disruption marker before being destroyed, if in the same box as the Army Commander.


The unit cannot move, or be made to move.

Impressive Charge

When troops with this characteristic charge directly forward they can move 1 box , then charge – as if cavalry. In addition they draw a bonus to-hit card when charging. This does not apply when being charged and when striking back.
Troops with this characteristics add 2 VP to the army

Hatred (Type)

Troops with this characteristic add 1 to any close combat card drawn against the type listed.


Troops with this characteristic must be represented with a Kamikaze model. When the unit they belong to charges, or is charged, the Kamikaze is released. The Kamikaze is detached from the unit immediately (before any charge combat) and moves – using Deviation. Kamikaze subsequently deviate in the same way at the start of each player turn.
If the Kamikaze moves into a box containing terrain he is destroyed.
If the Kamikaze moves into a box contains any troops he inflicts 1 hit. Saves can be made.
If the Save is made, the Kamikaze draws a card on a 6+ he is destroyed.

Keen Eyed

Units with this characteristic add 1 to their PIP for any shooting attack.

Knightly Order

Troops with this Characteristic give 1 extra VP. Knightly Orders manoeuvre as if they were a deep unit.

Knight’s Vow

While they still hold a Lance marker a unit with this characteristic can charge without drawing a card to activate.

Late Arrivals

Troops with this characteristic do not deploy normally. At the beginning of the game they are placed off table. Starting from turn 2 they can activate in an attempt to arrive. You must draw a 5+ for them to deploy in a box on the player base edge. The card drawn is placed as their activation value as per normal.
However, if you draw a 10 PIP card then they may deploy on a size edge box. This activation does not qualify as a charge. Once deployed they can continue to activate.


Troops with this characteristic can treat impassable water features as open terrain.



18th Apr 2022