M² Magic and Monsters

Characteristics (A-F)


When activating troops with this characteristic, and a 1-PIP card is drawn one unit in the activation takes a hit. If a General’s re-draw is then used no Saves are allowed, otherwise a Save can be made.

Anti-Magic Aura

When an enemy Wizard casts a spell within 3 boxes of troops with this characteristic, they can attempt to unbind the enemy magic. Draw a single card, if this card is higher than the total casting cost the spell is dispelled.


Troops with this characteristic can treat impassable water features as rough terrain. They also treat marsh and water
features as cover.


Troops with this characteristic can shoot as if they were Handgunners.


Troops with this characteristic are gifted a Minor Hero at the start of the game.

Big Name

Monstrous Creatures with this characteristics add 2 VP to the army.

Black Powder

Shooting hits made by troops with Black Powder characteristic have a +1 to Save modifier. This can stack with other modifiers.

Bloody-Handed God

Troops with the Fanatic characteristic in the same, or orthogonally adjacent, box as troops with Bloody-Handed God count as having Hatred (All).
Troops with this characteristic also have Terror.

Breath Weapon

Monstrous Creatures with this characteristic can shoot into their front facing box. No ammunition is tracked, or expended. They are limited to 1 breath weapon attack per turn.
Breath Weapons hit on a 6+, with a negative modifier to the enemy Save equal to the Monstrous Creatures level.

Bull Charge

When troops with this characteristic charge directly forward they can move 1 box , then charge – as if cavalry. In addition they draw an extra card when charging. This does not apply when being charged and when striking back.

Children of the Forest

Troops with this characteristic move into, and through, woods as an easy activation. In addition while in woods, troops benefit from a -1 Save bonus in melee combat.

Cold Blooded

Troops with this characteristic suffer an additional +1 penalty when making difficult activations. Representing the creatures being cold-blooded brutes and slow to react.


At the start of the Chaos Daemon player’s turn, before any activations are made, units with the Daemonic characteristic and with at least 1 disruption marker, draw a card. Apply the following result –

1Unit takes a disruption – daemons fade way back into the realm of chaos.
2-9 No effect
10Daemonic energy pours from the chaos void to reinforce their brethren. Remove a disruption marker.


Troop with this characteristic add 1 to the victory point total.

Doom Diver

When drawing for Deviation, the Doom Diver pilot can add or deduct 1 from the destination box result

Dread of Light

Troops with this characteristic suffer an additional +1 penalty when making difficult activations.


Troops attacking a unit with this characteristic count as disordered when determining whether they hit or not.


Troops with this characteristic ignore the effect of the Terror characteristic. Troops with the Fanatic characteristic are also classed as Fearless.

Flame Cannon

Organ Guns with this characteristic hit on a 6+


Troops with this characteristic can change orientation, by one face, during any activation. Alternatively during a simple activation you may move 1 additional box straight ahead.


Non-charging troops with the Fly characteristic, can move 1 extra box straight forward when activating. When charging, they follow the standard rules as their type. They can move over boxes containing terrain and/or non-flying troops (friendly or enemy).
Flying troops evade on a 3+ unless being charged by another unit with Fly, in which case they evade on 5+.
Troops with Fly have a -1 PIP modifier when making Saving rolls.

Forest Spirit

While occupying a wood, a unit with this characteristics does not take break tests.


When a melee results in an enemy unit being destroyed, troops in the box cannot advance. They are too busy in a frenzy.



15th April 2021