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Characteristics (S-Z)

Saga of the Beast

Troops with this characteristic have Hatred (Monstrous Creature).

Savage Tribes

Troops with this characteristic must be in command on their own. Troops with the Savage Tribe characteristic are also Fanatic.

Screaming Skulls

Only artillery may take this characteristic. If Screaming Skull missiles hit, place a Screaming Skulls token in the box of the target.
Screaming Skulls token – (Command (+1) , in addition the token has the the Terror characteristic.

Slave Troops

Troops with this characteristic cannot redraw a failed activation under any circumstance. Slave Troops can never benefit from a Hero redraw in combat. In addition only other Slave Troops perform a break test for seeing Slave troops destroyed.


Units with this characteristic can rally even when adjacent to the enemy. When rallying do not surrender a Victory Medal


Stupid troops count easy activations as difficult, and difficult activations as ‘doubly’ difficult.


Troops with this characteristic treat movement in Rocky Ground and Villages as an easy activation.


Troops with this characteristic deduct 1 from the Victory Point total. When a unit is destroyed, Victory Medals lost are reduced by 2.

Swift Strike

When a unit with this characteristic is destroyed in melee, it may still strike back before being removed.


When saving against troops with this characteristic draw an additional card, discarding the highest. In addition, troops taking rout tests when adjacent to Terror causing units can attempt to save only once. Troops with Terror are also Fearless.


Troops with this characteristic can rally when in an enemy’s ZOC. Undead always Rally on a 6+ with no modifiers – positive or negative. When rallying Undead do not surrender a Victory Medal. Undead are also Fearless, and immune to Poison.

Under the Lash

Units with this characteristic, making a simple activation after the first, succeed if they equal the previous card. When a
10 PIP card is drawn for any activation by a unit with this characteristic, the unit takes a hit. This hit may be Saved.

Unholy Engine

Troops with this characteristic cannot make difficult moves. This means it can only travel in a straight line. In addition, this also confers the Terror. The range for this Terror effect is 2 boxes.

Unruly Beasts

At the start of your turn, award a single Minor Hero token to a unit that doesn’t already have one. In addition, unless in the same box as a General, troops with this characteristic treat all ‘non-charging’ activations as difficult.


No unit with this rule can move more than one box per turn. A unit can still charge as a subsequent activation. The unit will not follow up if the enemy is destroyed or evades.
However, when activating to move, even on a failed result the unit can still move 1 box . Failing in this way still ends the commands activation.


When troops with this characteristic are destroyed in combat, draw a card on an 8+ they inflict an hit on their opponent. This counts as a ‘strike back’.

Wandering Monster

Troops with this characteristic do not deploy normally. They remain off-table joining the battle when, or if, the mood
takes them. Starting from turn 2 they can activate in an attempt to arrive. You must draw a 5+ for them to deploy in a
box on the player base edge. If you draw a 10 PIP card then they may deploy on a size edge box. This activation does not count as a charge. These feral beasts have 1 fewer VP.

Wood Runners

Troops with this characteristic move into and through woods as an easy activation. In addition while in woods these troops benefit from a -1 save bonus in melee combat.



29th April 2024