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Introduction – M² Magic and Monsters
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To play M² you will need a copy of the To the Strongest! rules. This are available from the Big Red Bat store. The core rules of the game are all in there.

There are 3 core additions to the TtS! rule to facilitate Fantasy gaming.


There are a set of generic characteristics that are in the main rules section. These apply to all armies. Each army has in addition 3 unique characteristics that give the army some chrome. The troop definitions are standard from the core rules, with up to 3 characteristics (taken from core and army) . So you have a lot of variety to play with.


There was a requirement for a single new troop type, that of Monsters. It was just easier to do this than trying to shoehorn it into the ‘regular’ types. They are classified 1-4… from Ogres (class I) up to Greater Daemons (Class IV)


No fantasy set would be complete without magic rules. The rules for casting are in the rules themselves, but the spells are in the individual lists. That way you can vary the ‘level’ of magic in you games if you want low magic – no problem.

The mechanisms for Spell casting are activations as per the core rules, with the exception that all casters are also Generals – so there is now the option for Generals to activate themselves.

Fast Play

Its worth mentioning that one requirement was to fit each army and its rules onto one piece of paper. This is really to facilitate fast play, and cut down on table clutter. We try to lift the ‘essence’ of the armies out rather than going down to the nitty gritty.