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Allies (beta) – M² Magic and Monsters
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Allies (beta)

When playing large or multi-player games, you may want to use alliances between factions in your games. When using allies the following rules must be obeyed.

  • Each army will have its own army list.
  • One army must be the ‘primary’ force and has at least 2-4 commands.
  • Each other allied army must have 1-3 commands.
  • A total of 5 combined commands can be used.
  • Where an ally contributes only 1 command it does not have a camp.
  • All minimum compulsory troops for an allied Army list must be taken.
  • Where an ally contributes only 1 command each minimum compulsory in the list is reduced to 1.
  • After the minimums have been taken, any other troops can be taken from the allied list .
  • Commands can only include troops from their own army.

When allies are used there are 3 types of alliance as shown in the matrix below

Battle Brothers (B)

Armies that are so close they have no downside to allying.

Allies of Convenience (A)

The primary force must surrender 1 VM at the beginning of the game.

Desparate Allies (D)

Treat each allied units as having the Mercenary characteristic.

Come the Apocalypse (C)

These armies can never ally