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Rule Change and Clarifications

Activation Modifiers

Several armies have effects that modify the result of a card’s PIPs. These modifiers only effect the success and outcome, of that activation. The drawn PIP card is still placed next to the unit for subsequent activations. The modifier does not effect the value of the card itself.


When using the term adjacent, this refers to all boxes, not just the cardinal faces. There are 8 adjacent boxes. The term orthogonally adjacent this refers to the 4 cardinal facing boxes


To elevate the effectiveness of ancient artillery in TTS!

  • Troops hit by Artillery have a +1 to Save modifier.
  • Each piece of Artillery deducts 1 scouting point.

In the March Move section of the rules, replace the 3rd bullet with -Start its activation within a box into which any enemy formed unit of artillery, bowmen, crossbowmen or longbowmen is able to shoot, or enter such a box.

Core Units

When amassing your army some troops are indicated as Core. You must take 3 Core units for every 2 non-Core in your army. They do not need to be in the same command, unless specified by the army list explicitly.


Some spells and attacks call for an Effect token to come into play. An Effect is a token that is placed in the (target) box. The token should be suitably representative of the effect. Typically they have 1 of 3 forms – modifiers to Save, Activation or Combat. Each Effect has a parenthesised value which is the modifier to the target value. So, positive is a penalty and negative a bonus.

Example Save (-1) would mean any units making a save in the box have a -1 bonus.

Unless specified, Effects tokens are removed by the owning player at the start of their turn before any activations are made.


This new troop type is for those formed bodies of troops making sole use of firearms for mass shooting.

  • Troops hit by Handgunners have a +1 to Save modifier
  • Range 2 boxes
  • 1 shot when activating to shoot.

Powerful handguns can have the Black Powder characteristic. The modifiers to armour Save do stack.

Isolated Generals

If a detached General is ever alone in a box, he may be selected as a target as if he were a unit. As long as he is a valid target he may be shot at, charged or be the target of a spell. If the general is targeted in such a way, he first must make a save. If he survives then he is moved to join any unit, under his command and in command range, of his choice. If the general is senior, he may choose to join any unit in his army. Should no such friendly unit exist, then the general is considered to have been captured and is lost.


Warriors are now allowed to be fielded in non-deep units. Their profile is 2 hits, 2 VPs , Save 7+ with no integral hero nor missile capability. Warriors, deep, are identical to those in the main rules – 3 hits, 3 VP, Save 7+ with an integral hero.