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General Characteristics

College of Magic

Wizards casting a spell add +1 to their casting draw for each other Wizard, with the College of Magic
characteristic, in the army. The maximum this can be modified by is equal to the casting Wizard’s level.


Wizards with the Daemonic characteristic do not add their level to a miscast result. For miscast results of 3 PIP or less, they are still destroyed, but a Spawn of Chaos Spawn is placed in the Wizard’s box (if there is space). The Spawn of Chaos is in the same command . The Spawn of Chaos inherits any activation and effect tokens from the Wizard. If no Spawn of Chaos model is available, or the unit cannot fit in the box, the Wizard is simply destroyed.

The Enchantress

The Enchantress draws 2 cards when casting a spell, discarding the lowest. She also adds 2 VP to the army.

Feral Magic

Feral Magic follows the same process for casting a spell with the following exceptions

  • Feral Magicians can attempt to cast 2 Feral Spells per turn.
  • Casting Feral Magic requires a simple activation.
  • Do not add the Wizards level to the casting draw card.
  • Feral Magic cannot be dispelled.
  • Feral Magicians cannot dispel spells.
  • Feral Magic does not miscast. If a 1 is drawn for the casting attempt the Feral Magician takes a hit.

Long Reach

A Wizard with this characteristic is not present on the battlefield. He cannot command any troops, and cannot be targeted in any way. When casting any spell however, you can treat any box as the casting location.

Master of Magic

A Wizard with this characteristic have the following –

  • Draws a single card when dispelling
  • All friendly Wizards within 3 boxes add 1 to the casting draw total, including the Master of Magic himself
  • +1 to Save

Rune Priest

Picking this trait means you cast no Magic. However, they can field a Rune Priest (counting as a Level 2 Wizard). A Rune Priest cannot cast any spells but is skilled at unbinding enemy magic. When a Rune Priest attempts to dispel they can discard the lowest card rather than the highest.