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Characteristics (M-R)

Magical Cohorts

Troops with this characteristic count as having successfully cast the Sorcerous Blast spell when they shoot. Treat the casting result as if a 6 PIP card was drawn. This spell can be dispelled.

Magical Reservoir

Wizards in the same or adjacent box to a unit with this characteristic add 1 PIP to any casting result.

Mechanical Monstrosity

Mechanical Monstrosity is given to a Monstrous Creature (II). It can shoot as if it were an Organ Gun. When drawing a 1 PIP card for any activation place a Breakdown Effect token. This cannot be redrawn in any circumstance.

Breakdown Effect – While this is in place this unit may neither move nor shoot. The only activation that it can perform is to repair itself. This is treated as a difficult activation. If a 1 PIP card is drawn for this activation the Steam Tank explodes as if it were artillery. If successful remove the Breakdown Effect Token.


Mercenary troops must be paid 1 victory medal before the battle begins. You may choose not to do this – then, if their very first activation is a 1-PIP card they retreat from the battlefield (counting as lost).

Nerves of Steel

Troops with this characteristic add 1 to any PIP card when saving for a Break Test.

Peasant’s Vow

Peasants suffer a -1 PIP adjustment when being activated, unless as part of a group. However, they add 1 additional VP to the army.


Saves made against a Poison attack Save on a 7+. If the unit’s Save is worse than 7+, they use that instead.


When a unit with this characteristic activates and draws a 1-PIP card, they may remove one of their disruption markers. The activation fails as normal. If the card is redrawn for any reason regeneration still takes place.

Relic Beast

Troops with this characteristic get a -1 to Save, add 1 VP to the army but lose 1 extra VM when destroyed.

Repeating Shooter

Units with this characteristic can draw 2 cards when shooting.
Ammunition is expended as normal.



23rd Feb 2021