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Feral Spells

Some magic come from a more guttural/bestial place. If an army takes the Feral Magic trait then they gain access to the following spells

NameCasting Effect
Bonecrusher!4Using line of sight, as if shooting, target a unit within 2 boxes of the casting Magician. Successfully casting the spell does one automatic hit.
Feast of the Fallen! 4This spell can only be cast when a unit (friend or foe) in the same, or adjacent, box has a disruption marker on it.
When cast successfully place a Feast of the Fallen! token in the Magician’s box.
Feast of the Fallen! token : Troops with Impressive Charge in, and adjacent to, the Feast of the Fallen! token have the Hatred (All) characteristic
Spine Marrow!4When cast successfully place a Spine Marrow! token in the casting Magician’s box
Spine Marrow! token : Troops in, and adjacent to, a box containing a Spine Marrow! token count as having the Fanatic characteristic.
Trollguts!4When cast successfully place a Trollguts! token in a target box within 3 boxes of the casting Magician.
Trollguts! token : Target gains Regeneration characteristic. This remains in place until the unit fails an armour save, in which case the Trollguts! token is removed instead of placing a disruption marker.