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There are some situations where deviation occurs as part of an activation. Deviation can be either in shooting or movement (as specified by the type in the army list).


Artillery with the Deviates characteristic deviate – others deviate only by exception, specified in the army list.
Instead of drawing a card to hit, nominate a target box then follow the process below to determine which box is actually hit. Where the target box is occupied by more than one unit, the hit is applied to the unit most frontal to the shooting face. Where targets are equally ‘frontal’ the shooting player picks the target.


Where specified, troops who deviate do so instead of movement. In most cases deviation is mandatory unless specified by an army list.

Deviation Process

The direction of deviation is influenced by the orientation of the unit that is moving or shooting. Select a table below that matches the facing of the unit, relative the owning armies table edge.

Draw 2 cards adding the numbers together. The resulting value in indicates where the units are moved to, or where the shot lands. The result of the deviation will be detailed in the troop types. (Some are worse than others!)